Fort Branch Tablet

Ft. Branch Tablet

The entrance to the subdivision showing the stone with the plaque incorporated into the brick work. Photo taken October 21, 2007.

Ft. Branch Tablet

The plaque is mounted on a stone and reads:
Old Fort
Built 2300 Feet West of Here in 1811 by
Pioneers as Protection
Against Indian Attacks
La Grange was renamed
Fort Branch March 11, 1853
Erected by Fort Branch
Community Club

The authors were returning from a visit to the Hazleton Bridge when they noticed the small plaque at the entrance to a subdivision northwest of Fort Branch. The fort on the marker looked like something Honig would have made.

A few months later, research at the Princeton Library revealed the plaque was made by Honig. The articles can be found in the newspaper section. Look for the Fort Branch and Princeton newspapers. Both stated that this was the first historical marker of this nature in Gibson County.

Apparently, there was much discussion about the marker being built into the brick entrance. At least, it wasn't destroyed.