George H. Honig, S. C.
George H. Honig, S. C.

1874 - 1962

This web site is dedicated to preserving the artistic work and educating others about the fascinating life of a Rockport, Indiana native--George H. Honig.

When this project first started in 1999, it was thought it would only include a few bronze plaques and statues. The extent of George Honig's artistic work wasn't known at the time. It includes stone, metal, plaster, oil, charcoal, pencil, and watercolors. It is impossible to list all his works as many were small plaques for the names of animals or trees. Also, time has taken its toll, as many have been removed, sold or placed in storage. This site attempts to list as many of his major works as possible.

This undertaking has turned into a nearly decade-long quest. Upon locating a new Honig work of art, the authors feel the excitement of small children finding Easter eggs. Finally, in 2007, it was felt that enough information had been collected to make his website public. The George H. Honig web site will be adding more images of his works of art as time allows.

If you have any information about George H. Honig or his wife Alda V. McCoy Honig that is not on this website, please contact Raymond Dawson.

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This site made public August, 2007.

New Items:
October 23 - 25, 2007 - Took a trip to Fort Wayne, Rochester, Indiana; Joliet, Mattoon, and Paris, Illinois. Photographed statues; located and photographed plaques. Added to web page.
October, 2007 - Added Princeton, Indiana Elks plaque.
October, 2007 - Added Fort Branch, Indiana Fort plaque.
September, 2007 - Newspaper and Magazine articles added.
September, 2007 - New Honig Memorial at Lincoln Pioneer Village Museum added under Plaques.
August, 2008 - Honig's Lincoln Flatboat Landing Plaques cleaned by Grandview Alumnum Products.
November, 2008 - Abe Lincoln's Forest College sculpture re-hung after renovations at Rockport Elementary.
May, 2012 - Plaques added to the George and Alda's grave describing their life.
June, 2012 - Incorporated the Lincoln Pioneer Village web site into Honig's site.
August, 2013 - New photos of The Hiker added to the web page.
August, 2013 - Added photos of Washington Plaque and Indian plaster.

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