Honig Plaque at Lincoln Pioneer Village Museum

Location: This marker was located in the entrance of the Lincoln Pioneer Village at the west end of Main Street, Rockport, Indiana. It was found in storage at the Village.

Honig Plaque

This plaque honors George H. Honig for his labor in creating the Lincoln Pioneer Village. The tablet was dedicated in 1951 at the opening of the Museum. As of November, 2005, it is unknown if George made the plaque.

Honig Monument

After finding this plaque, the authors thought it would be appropriate to have it mounted outside for all to see. The granite stone is in front of the Museum. The plaque was originally dedicated when the Museum opened in 1951 and, according to newspaper articles, a portrait of George was to be hung in the Museum as well. A photo of George was mounted on the stone as no portrait has been found. In addition, a bronze replica of a plaster of the Village made by Honig was donated for the stone.

With the help of Rockport City Parks, Grandview Alumnium Products, Schum Monuments, Spencer County Historical Society, a relative of George and Alda, and the authors, this project was completed in September, 2007. Thanks to all who helped with it.