Evansville Tablets

George worked in Evansville for years and produced hundreds of plaques. These are some, but not all, that he made for the city.

     Airport Dress Memorial Plaque

     Bayard Street House Plaque

     Bosse Field Plaques

     Cambridge Arms Plaques

     Camp Reveal Plaques

     Clara Barton Plaque

     Coliseum Plaques

     Dentist Plaques

     First Baptist Church Plaque

     First Presbyterian Church Plaque

     Garvin Park Plaques

     Hadi Shrine Plaques

     Joe Cook Plaque

     Lincoln Elementary Plaques

     Masonic Temple Plaques

     Oakhill Cemetery - Robert Evans Plaque

     Oakhill Cemetery - Paul and Albert Funkhouser Plaques

     Old Courthouse Plaques

     Rescue Mission Plaques

     Rotary Club Plaques

     The Little Church on the Hill Plaque

     University of Evansville Plaques

     Waterworks North Addition Plaques

     West Delaware Bridge Plaques

     Willard Library

     YWCA Plaque

     Zoo Plaques