Lowell School Plaque
Mattoon, Illinois

Mattoon, Illinois School Office

The Lowell School plaque created by Honig was found in the basement of the corporation office. This beautiful building was a post office. Mattoon Community School District #2, 1701 Charleston Avenue. This plaque was located after it was found in the Sigma Chi Honig collection. Photos taken October 24, 2007. GPS: N 39 degrees 28.870 minutes W 088 degrees 22.547 minutes

Mattoon, Illinois School Storage

When asking about the plaque, an office worker referred to a man in the room. Mr. Steve Dobbs, custodian, said he has some plaques in storage. Behind stacks of old computers was the plaque. Mr. Dobbs is congratulated for saving a bit of history of the corporation as the Lowell school was torn down in the 1970's.

Mattoon, Illinois Lowell School Plaque

Close-up of the Lowell School plaque.