Biography of a Town, Shelbyville, Indiana, 1822 - 1962, page 296,

By Marion McFadden, Tippecanoe Press, Inc., Shelbyville, Indiana, 1968

Article was typed as it appeared in the book.

Another gift was received by the city in 1921. Julius Joseph was born in Germany but came to the United States at an early age, settling in Cincinnati. With his brother Jonas he moved to Shelbyville in 1877 to establish a men's clothing store but later he became connected with the Hodell Furniture Company, thereafter devoting his time to the furniture business. He died in 1921 and by terms of his will $5,000 was given to the city for the erection of a fountain on the Square.

The Council accepted the gift, agreeing to maintain the fountain. George Honig of Evansville designed the work which was completed in May of 1923. In 1916 the Council had refused to remove the shrubbery plots but in 1929 it acceded to a request of the merchants. The decision was short-lived, however, for the women interested in civic beauty protested so vociferously the order was rescinded. Finally a compromise was worked out between the demanding merchants and the determined women. The shrubbery was removed but replaced with flower beds. Later flowers were also planted around the base of the fountain. Thus the dream of the editor of the Banner, conceived nearly one hundred years before, at last was realized.