The Shelbyville Republican, April 15, 1922

Article was typed as it was worded in the newspaper.


Effort To Be Made To Have Memorial Finished By Date of Centennial.


Charles Jones Will Supervise Concrete Work And Task of Cutting Stone.

An effort to complete the Joseph Memorial Fountain, which is to be constructed in the center of the Public Square, before July 4th, the date of the Shelby County centennial celebration, is to be made according to an announcement which was made today by Mayor Lee B. Hoop.

The mayor stated that in a talk with the sculptor, Mr. Honig, who designed the fountain, and prepared the plans, Mr. Honig stated that he would use every energy to have the work completed by July 4 and providing that good weather is experienced he thought that it might be humanly possible to complete the task.

Mr. Honig expects to come here within a few days and to start the work. He estimates that it will take him sixty days to complete the three bronze figures which are to be placed at the top of the fountain, and is of the opinion that the concrete work for the base of the fount can be completed in the same length of time. A piece of granite, from which the column is to be cut, is expected to arrive here soon, and work on it will be started immediately.

The Interstate Public Service company has been asked to start work as soon as possible on the task of laying the electric cable through the street to the fountain site. These are to be placed underground, and will entail much work.

The contract for the construction of the fountain base has been awarded to Hiram Peters, of this city. Mr. Peters is preparing to begin his work as soon as Mr. Honig arrives here. The forms needed for the concrete are being constructed.

Charles Jones, member of the firm of Goodwin and Jones, monument dealers, will supervise the concrete work, and the stone cutting.

The large pole and the traffic light now in the center of the square are to be removed soon, to permit the work to be gotten under way. It is the desire of the mayor to have the construction of the fountain completed by July 4th, so that it may be seen by the thousands of visitors who are expected to be in Shelbyville during the day, coming from all parts of Indiana, and from many other states.