The Rockport Journal, September 4, 1925

Article was typed as it was worded in the newspaper.


Pupils who attend the Rockport high school the coming school year will have advantages in the way of equipment and rooms, never before enjoyed in Spencer county.

The new gymnasium and assembly room with several new class rooms and all the rooms in the old part of the building repaired and modernized will make the Rockport high school an inviting place for those who really are interested in an education.

But it will be well to remember that fine class rooms, a gymnasium and other modern equipment do not by any means make up the requirements for a high school, they are only a means to an end. The most important factors are pupils with ambition to acquire knowledge and the capacity to retain that knowledge. Then teachers who are qualified to instruct and who are willing and ready to impart knowledge to those who are intrusted to their teaching.

In speaking of the new gymnasium which is one of the best in southern Indiana, we must not forget the stage decorations. The paintings and plans of the curtains are the work of George H. Honig, of Evansville, but formerly of Rockport. It is claimed that the stage scenery is planned after that of the Victory theatre in Evansville, with some advantages that are not found in the Victory. Every citizen of Rockport and Ohio township should and will, when they see the gymnasium and the stage scenery, be justly proud that Rockport has a place that is large enough to accommodate any crowd that may wish to assemble there.