The Rockport Journal, March 28, 1930

Article was typed as it was worded in the newspaper.

Pageant Committee Plans 1930 Drama




The pageant committee of the Spencer County Historical Society has had one meeting to make plans for the biennial pageant, "When Lincoln Went Flatboating from Rockport," and this week the task of selecting the large cast of actors will be started. It will take weeks to make the selections as actors will be chosen from all over Spencer County.

George Honig, well known sculptor of Evansville, has made and donated the cover design for the pageant book of this year. Mr. Honig is a former Rockport boy and ever loyal to his home town and county. The Spencer county society appreciates his help and attractive design for the book. The scene as drawn by Mr. Honig shows the old lower landing in Rockport with Lincoln and Gentry on the flatboat as they begin their long journey to New Orleans. A steamboat and another flatboat are seen in the picture, with the bend in the river showing in the distance.

Letters have been received from several states at this early date, written by historians asking the date and plans for this year's production. Rockport will be the objective for many a pilgrimage party of historians from Indiana and other states.

Citizens should be ready to assist in every way possible to help put Spencer county and Rockport on the map and honor the memory of Lincoln and our pioneer ancestors.