The Rockport Democrat, February 4, 1938

Article was typed as it was worded in the newspaper.


George Honig, Rockport sculptor, has completed the portrait for the late U. S. Senator James A. Hemenway. This was shown to President John M. Kohlmeyer of the Warrick county historical society, and the following members of the committee: John D. Barker, Mrs. Florence Scales, Mrs. Maud Kiper, Kenneth H. Weyerbacher, Miss Fannie McCulla, who voted their approval and accepted the portrait, which will be done in bronze.

The wording to accompany the portrait was written by Thomas Littlepage of Washington, D. C., and has already been accepted by the Warrick county historical society. Mr. Honig announces that this work is now ready to be done in bronze and will be placed on one of the white limestone blocks now erected at the north entrance to the court house grounds.

Work is progressing on the William Fortune portrait and inscription, according to Mr. Honig, but is not as far advanced. Both markers will be dedicated at the same date, however, at which time the Warrick county historical is planning a special program which will bring together many friends of both Fortune and Hemenway.-Boonville Enquirer.