Information from the
Spencer County Historical Society
Rockport, Indiana
Abraham Lincoln

Information gathered from the Spencer County Historical Society about the Lincoln Pioneer Village.


Construction of the Village     Is that mistletoe in the tree?

More Construction

Lincoln Pioneer Village Brochure

A different Lincoln Pioneer Village Brochure as an image.

Booklet from the Dedication

Photo of the Entrance

Another Picture of the Entrance

Collage of Photos
The photo of Abe is missing. For a complete view and information about the pictures, see The Evansville Courier and Journal article on June 30, 1935 titled--Log Village, With Century-Old Setting, Scene of Unique Lincoln Tribute July 4.

The following is taken from The National Geographic Magazine, September, 1936.

National Geographic Cover (70 KB)

National Geographic Photo - Looking North (153 KB)

Observe the solid wooden wheels of the oxcart and the mover wagon. Also there is the stockade, for Indian defense, and the open well with the teetering pole for drawing water. Long huts and a chopping block in the right foreground complete this picture of early-day Hoosier life. From the age of 7 to 21, Lincoln lived in such a village in Spencer County.

Postcard of Lake Alda, 1938

Back of Postcard

Chicago Tribune Magazine, February 7, 1954 (images)

Photo from the Filming of the Kentuckian, 1957

Another Photo Taken During the Filming

Pictures from the Sesquicentennial Parade, June, 28, 1968.

Picture of a Float

Second Picture of a Float

Picture of Another Float

Photo of Daniel Grass Cabin, June 28, 1968

Photo of Original Pitcher Cabin, June, 1971