The Lincoln Bust

The above magazine, The Sigma Chi Quarterly, features a Lincoln bust created by George Honig. At the bottom of the cover, it reads--Lincoln by George H. Honig, Sculptor, Lambda 1898.

Some people said the bust was at one time in the Spencer County Courthouse rotunda. The whereabouts of the bust are a mystery as of 2005. One relative believes it may have gone with his other work to someone after his death.

This information was received from the Sigma Chi Archivist on November 14, 2005:
"The magazine in question is the February/March 1924 issue of the Sigma Chi Quarterly. I was able to track it down quickly because the Quarterly only published with photos on the cover for about two years before the magazine changed its name to The Magazine of Sigma Chi. The magazine itself does not contain any information on Mr. Honig himself, just the image for the cover."

"I was able to find an article from the December 1954 magazine that featured Mr. Honig. It focuses mostly on his love of Lincoln but also include some biographical info as well."