Margaret Ann Burdge Collection

Margaret Ann Burdge collected items about George Honig during her lifetime. Upon her death, her son donated the following items.

A document written by George Honig titled Abe Lincoln and the Cosmic Rays. This item is 20 legal pages long, double spaced. He typed the document in 1947. It was retyped with spelling and grammar errors corrected. Some definitions were added and Lincoln's poem was completed. It is a 24 page PDF file.

This quote from a 1941 Evansville Courier newspaper article describes his typing:
"You'd be amazed if you could see Honig "putting it on paper." He works at a typewriter with a tremendous fund of energy and the most unique system in the world."

"His right forefinger does all the work, even to tapping the space bar. A slow method you might think, but that forefinger flashes over the keyboard with such lightning rapidity that the man behind it finds it necessary to anchor himself to something while writing."

"He hangs on to some good solid object--such as a radiator pipe--with his left hand while his right one does the work."

The document appears to be a collection of notes Honig made over the years concerning Abraham Lincoln. Upon a first reading, it sounds like Honig was alive in Lincoln's time. But within the document, it states that he was interviewing people who knew Lincoln when he lived in Spencer County. Honig did this at age 14, which would have put the time around 1888.

Honig wrote that Abe had his own idea about the origin of the oriole. It isn't clear what was meant by this, but here is a Honig drawing related to the oriole.

Photo of B.P.O.E. plaque.

Photo of George Clifford plaque, Father of Evansville College.

Photos of Evansville Coliseum statues in Honig's studio.

Photo 1, 1861, one side.

Photo 2, 1861, other side.

Photo 3, 1916.

Postcard of the courthouse at Rockport.

Front of postcard.

Back of card.

A copy of Bess Ehrmann's book The Missing Chapter in the Life of Abraham Lincoln. This is the dedication page from the book.

Photo of Evansville Presbyterian Church plaque.

Photo of Clinic sign.

Photo of two plaques. One is the Philipsburg Loyal Order Of Moose 123, and the other is of Harper School in Evansville.

A drawing by Inez Lysle.

A photo of Honig's Joliet, Illinois memorial statue.

A model of Lincoln's homestead by J. E. Ware, 1918.

A photo of George Honig, on right, at Oak Hill Cemetery in Evansville, Indiana.

Two photos of the plaques made for his parent's graves at St. Bernard's Cemetery in Rockport, Indiana.

Photo 1 in his studio.

Photo 2 at the cemetery.

Photos of four political sculptures.

Photo 1

Photo 2

Photo 3

Photo 4

Photos of the Shelbyville, Indiana Joseph Fountain.

Photo 1 of the Joseph Fountain.

Photo 2 of plaques that appear on the fountain.

Enhanced photo of an unknown woman.

Sketch done by Honig. Look for his name in the trees on the lower right corner.

Photo of Honig's Wunderlich Flagpole.