30 Drawings of Evansville

The University of Southern Indiana has in its art collection original sketches by Honig. Some were used in the 30 Drawings of Evansville. Their title was Little Book of Evansville.

Credit is given to the Collection of the University of Southern Indiana, Evansville, Indiana. They are not be reproduced for any other media without the consent of the University, April 30, 2007.

Evansville Waterfront 1918, Charcoal on Paper

Little Market, 1918, Charcoal on Paper

National City Bank, 1918, Charcoal on Paper

Young Abe Lincoln, Pencil on Paper



This booklet - 30 Drawings of Evansville, by George H. Honig was printed and engraved by Keller-Crescent Company of Evansville and appears to be from 1935. It was found in the Evansville Central Library under Honig, R, 917.7233, H77t. The sketches are glued to the pages and there are actually 34 drawings.

The cover

Title Page

List of Titles and Dedication

I. Evening on the Ohio

III. The River and its Boats

IV. Main Street at Fourth

V. Masonic Temple

VI. American Trust and Savings Bank

VII. Entrance to Garvin Park

VIII. The Citizens National Bank

IX. The Memorial Coliseum Bldg.

X. The Spirit of Sixty-One

XI. The Spirit of Nineteen Sixteen

XII. Where Hugh McGary Landed in 1817

XIII. Residence of Mayor Bosse

XIV. Y. M. C. A.

XV. Fourth Street Looking North

XVI. City National Bank

XVII. An Old Landmark

XVIII. The Old State National Bank

XIX. The Municipal Market

XX. St. Boniface Church

XXI. The Skyscraper

XXII. Crescent Club and McCurdy Hotel

XXIII. Decoration Day in Evansville

XXIV. The Elks Club

XXV. Bosse Field

XXVI. Residence of Hon. John W. Boehne

XXVII. Carnegie Library

XXVIII. Parsons and Scoville Co.

XXIX. The Old State Bank and Chamber of Commerce

XXX. Lincoln Hotel

XXXI. H. Fendrich

XXXII. Thornton Place, Newburg

XXXIII. Washington Avenue Presbyterian Church

XXXIV. Bird's-Eye View of Court House

The Back