Historical Research

No specific effort has been made to locate all of the articles about George and Alda. These are some we came across in our research.

The Indianapolis Star The Evansville Courier
The Evansville Press The Evansville Courier and Journal
The Rockport Democrat The Rockport Journal
The Shelbyville Democrat The Shelbyville Republican
The Indiana University Daily Student The Henderson Journal
Princeton Daily Democrat Ft. Branch Clarion-News
Online Articles Evansville Living
Maturity Journal


Newspaper Articles:


The Indianapolis Star

One to Be at Grandview the Other at New Hope--Tablets on Each Will Depict Historical Episodes Connected With Emancipator--VanOrman to Be Speaker, January 29, 1928

The Evansville Courier

Sculptor at Work in Evansville on Groups of Statuary to Adorn the Front of the Coliseum, January 23, 1916
Evansville Sculptor Making Statue for Park in Denver , October 29, 1916
"The Little Book" A Rich Contribution , April 8, 1919
Rockport Sculptor To Write New Book About Lincoln, March 24, 1940
When Hard Cider and Log Cabin Elected A President--Evansville Played Part in Campaign, September 7, 1941
Mrs. Alda M. Honig, 69, Dies of Heart Ailment, January 29, 1955
George Honig Cited By Art Fraternity, May 20, 1957
Artist Will Celebrate 87th Birthday in Nursing Home Without Relatives, August 3, 1961
George Honig, 87, Ex-Sculptor, Dies, May 5, 1962
Forgotten Man - Evansville Native Joe Cook Made the Big Time, March 15, 2007
Joe Cook Plaque is Safe, Sound in Town, March 16, 2007
Honoring George Honig, April 8, 2007

The Evansville Press

City Should Boom Pioneer History, Says Local Sculptor, May 6, 1928
Industrial School Planned for Lincoln Village, April 28, 1935
George Honig's Wife Dies at 69 in Local Hospital, January 28, 1955

The Evansville Courier and Journal

Local Sculptor Does Tom, Huck in Stone, March 28, 1926

The Rockport Democrat

R. H. S. Course of Study Changed, June 9, 1893
Vitus Honig Dead, March 22, 1907
Nancy Hanks Doll Wins State Contest, September 1, 1933
Nancy Hanks Doll Wins Fifth in National Contest, October 13, 1933
Honig Completes Portrait, February 4, 1938
Formal Opening Set For City Park Museum, May 4, 1951
Sunday Is Homecoming Day At The City Park, May 25, 1951
Tablet Honors Creator of Village, June 1, 1951
S. Honig Planing Mill and Furniture, Letters to the Editor, February 11, 1955
Hoosier Ancestors - What Happened to this Doll?, March 16, 1955
George H. Honig Dies in Evansville, May 11, 1962

The Rockport Journal

Former Rockport Boy. Leading Sculptor. Hobby of George Honig, Coliseum Artist, to Reproduce Beauties of Evansville, October 6, 1916
New School Building, September 4, 1925
Lincoln Trail Club Highly Pleased With Honig, April 22, 1927
Historical Meeting, April 22, 1927
Historical Meeting, April 29, 1927
Pageant Committee Plans 1930 Drama, March 28, 1930
Formal Opening Of Museum Is Planned, May 4, 1951
Sunday’s Celebration To Open Museum, May 25, 1951
Mrs. Alda M. Honig, Native of County, Dies Last Week, February 4, 1955
George Honig Falls Two Floors, July 21, 1961
Designer of Lincoln Pioneer Village Dies, May 11, 1962

The Shelbyville Democrat

Fountain Operated First Time Wednesday, May 10, 1923

The Shelbyville Republican

May Complete Fount By July, April 15, 1922
Soon Complete Fountain Work, May 9, 1923

The Indiana University Daily Student

Portrait of His "The Hiker", March 13, 1923

The Henderson Journal

Henderson, Kentucky, Honors Audubon, The Famous Naturalist, May 21, 1925

Evansville Living Magazine

Evansville Living Magazine, Separate Section, Evansville Public Arts, July/August, 2007


The Princeton Daily Democrat

Will Unveil Marker of Old Fort North of Ft. Branch on Highway 41 Friday, April 15 With Fine Program, April 9, 1927

The Ft. Branch Clarion-News

Marker at Fort to be Unveiled, April 9, 1927

Online Articles

The following linked articles related to George or Alda are found on the Evansville Vanderburgh Public Library website.

The Evansville Press, May 6, 1931
Named Chairman of Music Group

The Evansville Press, May 7, 1933
Mrs. Buente Again President of Evansville Musicians Club

The Evansville Press, April 29, 1934
Memorial to Founder of Red Cross to Rise on Site of Clara Barton's Evansville Headquarters

The Evansville Press, April 10, 1938
Missing Link in Biography of Lincoln is Supplied in Book by Mrs. Bess V. Ehrmann

The Evansville Sunday Courier and Press, October 27, 1940
Is Honored

The Evansville Press, September 9, 1941
George Honig Photo

The Evansville Press, October, 1946
Shirley Lang Snethen Guest on Philharmonic Program

The Evansville Press, 1947
Musicians Club of Evansville Women

The Evansville Press, October 31, 1948
Young Concert Pianist will give Rockport Recital Nov. 26

The Evansville Press, October 2, 1949
Piano Recital at Carnegie Hall Former Rockport Man to Give

The Evansville Press, February 28, 1952
Evansville College Has Tribute Service for Mrs. Clifford

The Evansville Press, March 12, 1954
Shirley Snethen to be Soloist at Concert

The Rockport Democrat, August 6, 1954
Former Citizen Recalls Historic Episodes

The Evansville Press, October 22, 1956
Plaque for General Evans' Grave

The Evansville Press, November 9, 1956
General Evans Plaque Shines at Oak Hill

The Evansville Press, January 3, 1957
George Honig, The Sculptor
Vigorous at 82, His 'Label' Adorns Front of Coliseum
This article answers the question on what Honig had in common with The Louvre.

The Evansville Press, May 16, 1957
George Honig Wins Honor

The Evansville Press, May 19, 1957
George Honig to be Made Honorary Member of Art Fraternity

The Evansville Press, May 20, 1957
Artist-Sculptor George Honig Honored by EC Art Fraternity

The Evansville Sunday Courier and Press, July 13, 1957
Washington Was Nearly Father of Evansville, Instead of All U. S.

The Evansville Press, July 19, 1961
86 Year Old Tumbles 2 Floors, Skins Elbow

The Evansville Press, August 3, 1961
87th Birthday Observed Alone by Artist Honig

The Evansville Press, January 11, 1981
Music Fills Her Heart, Pianos Fill Her Home

The Evansville Press, August 21, 1987
Coliseum Features Figures of Bronze by Local Sculptor with National Name

The Evansville Press, May 2, 1989
Evansville Resident Ralph Hubert was Model for Coliseum Sculptures


Maturity Journal

Those Were the Days, June 2007